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What You MUST Chuck Away NOW
by Gloria Ng, The Feng Shui Gal

I went to an elder's place to get some guidance one time. She lives in a senior citizen apartment complex. The view from her apartment was quite grand. I could see the lay of the land from where she lived. Her living room space, although small, was very welcoming. The exquisite couch was plush and soft cushions lay in abundance. The sturdy living room cabinet was a fancy dark lacquer. The plants by the cabinet were voluptuous and vibrant. The décor immediately set me back to another time period. I marveled at how splendid her oasis was.

As we continued to talk, she proceeded to serve me various samples of tasty Japanese delicacies on a small dish. Partway through my taste-testing, I started to notice my hands were getting wet. Even droplets were falling onto my coat and lap. The dish had a small lengthwise crack in it. She gave me paper towel to soak it up and also covered up with a comment about how the dish was very special and had come in a collection she treasured. Noticing the crack, I even wondered how the plate stayed together. Although the plate was quite antique and fit the ambience of the environment, the crack betrayed its companions and made it look out of place. Although the facade portrayed by the environment and her clothing indicated otherwise, I started wondering about her health.

Let's face it. If something is broken, no matter how treasured it is, why use it? The danger of chipped plates, bowls, and cups is that it's not just that it has a chip. Many of the ceramics these days are partially made of lead. Not only that, every time you eat from such ware, you will be taking energy to notice where the chip is, how to avoid it, and also how to handle it in such a way that it still becomes clean and dry after usage. This energy drain can be very subtle, especially after we get used to doing certain things in certain ways and just overlook something as seemingly small and insignificant as a broken plate. Even worse is if the item that is broken is something that is treasured. How many times would you actually remember the good times that this item brought without thinking about how it got broken, when it got broken, and why you still have it? That is a lot of time and energy loss.

So the immediate action item to get to right now is: Chuck it. Dump it. Find a way to recycle it. If it is ceramics, there are creative reuses. I have even heard of this center that accepts toilet bowls, smash them into bits, and put them into a tumbler to make pieces of mosaic art kits. If finding one near you is going to keep that pile of broken stuff in your apartment or garage for another couple months, then just put it in the trash and have it collected by the end of next week.

This chucking method goes for anything that stops working or stops working well, too. This may show up as clocks that stop working, smoke alarms that need replacement batteries, phone chargers that don't work as efficiently anymore, etc. Taking to time to eliminate these broken or rustily working items will definitely help you plug up this energy leak and lead to better overall health and vitality.

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